Monday, September 17, 2012

Gabriel Seth

Gabriel Seth is definitely one of the over-looked named characters in the Blood Angels codex. Even though this is the first time he's been someone you can take, being part of the Flesh Tearers instead of just the more generic Blood Angels really hurts him seeing the table more often. He doesn't seem to have a place that fits in a way with the rest of the army unless it's a Flesh Tearers dedicated one. GW has continued support for the Flesh Tearers with even their shoulder pads going into Finecast as opposed to oblivion. Maybe the Flesh Tearers are more popular in England, hence the continued commitment to them. For the next codex, I would like to see more moderate yet somewhat unique characters like Seth to be able to take rather than 250 point characters. Characters like Seth are good for the game in that they can be torrented down, he can shoot, but is stronger in hand-to-hand, so he has some strengths and weaknesses but not extreme. I would just like to see more options like being able to take a jump pack or upgrade his weapons or change to Artificer armour, etc.

The Flesh Tearers are not of Baal origin. Their home planet is Cretacia.

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Let's get to his statline- WS6  T4  W4  I5  A4 and a 3+ 4++ save. While ferocious instincts is of limited use, the Whirlwind of Gore is a nice choice to have against vehicles and tough to hurt characters for a more modest point cost of 160 versus 250+ for some of the other big stick named characters. 

Mr. Black:

Mmm, I really didn't want to talk about Seth, but I suppose if I make an all-inclusive list I have to, don't I? I've never really liked Seth, and this edition didn't change that. Sure, it upped his survivability, as it did with every other character, but other than that he really didn't change much... Sure, his weapon now had a bit more of a bite against vehicles, but he shouldn't be focusing on those.... And to top that off there is still the matter of his Lash Out ability, which states that if an attack directed at him rolls a 1 he gets to strike back... ...Except now you never "direct attacks" at a character, except in a Challenge... So by current wording that ability took a hit as well. What else is there to say? I'm not a fan of this character and I think, for the points, you're better off going with a generic HQ or Tycho.

Is that review short? Yes, but you know what they say if you can't say anything nice about someone...


Seth. Whirlwind got nerfed due to pile-in moves. No, he can’t hurt flyers because he can’t assault them.

Sons of Sanguinius:

This guy has been basically unaffected by the new edition. However he has probably gone up in ranking among the characters in the codex. Strength 8 rending causing instant death to any toughness 4 or less I can see as being kind of a big deal, considering how hard 2+ saves are going to be to bypass. Definitely making people think twice about challenging him and allowing him to worry both characters and vehicles in combat. Still a very solid choice and relatively cheap to boot!

 3++ (updated link):

Seth still awful.

BA Devastators: With 6th and vehicles being able to be hit more easily in assault along with challenges, Seth is left looking on the outside until an update. At least he is somewhat unique for a marine character in his powers although not in his statline.


  1. As a FT player, I field Seth on occasion, but CPT Tycho is just so much better under the current rule set. 4 wounds and the Str 8 CC attack is nice, but counting on Rending to actually hurt Marine type opponents? Not really good odds... Shame he doesn't have a Jump Pack, or I'd actually see fielding him more often...

  2. pchappel, thanks for sharing what you're doing. GW should have some customization options for named characters.

  3. I agree what is posted here but considering seths weapons is closer to eviscrator, I wouldn't be much surårised if next codex Seth would field Unique Eviscrator s8 ap 2 with rending but till it happends Tycho is superior and more reliable.