Sunday, October 14, 2012

Blood Angels Blog

What do you want to read about from a Blood Angels blog?

I want to hear from you in the comments.

What I want is to see more content when there is no one talking about it anymore. How can we connect the older Rogue Trader players to the new ones just starting the game? A forum like the Bolter and Chainsword is nice, but it is inundated with talk about weapon loadouts and works in progress. When there is a new codex, FAQ or new edition, the armchair theoryhammerists pick apart the codex for power shifts and unit combinations. What's left after that? That's where blogs can come in and provide hopefully excellent commentary and perspective. I do hope that the growing Blood Angel blogosphere can come together and provide the players and especially new players everything they could need and dream of (except left handed devastators).

Please put your thoughts below.

Credit : David Galagher


  1. I've been enjoying the Unit by Unit Analysis, would be awesome to finish that out and start pointing out some of the ways BA players can keep competitive in 6th. Kirby's blog is great, but theres so much non BA stuff that it gets lost. Small unit combo's, field tactics rather than list tactics, concepts rather than diagrams. I like to be able to read the stuff as well, I'm not a big "podcast" person, don't really want to listen to talk radio 40k.

  2. Thanks for stopping by, Anon. As you can tell from the blogroll, I love the podcasts but it has to be at least marine codices (non-Grey Knights) where you can get ideas to transfer to the Blood Angels. You have a nice point about small unit combinations and field tactics and even concepts too. Most expert players would probably say it is up to you and your play style but I think the BA community should do this to make us better (because we are the best, right?).

  3. By small unit tactics I meant things like 1-2 combo's, not overarching strategies, smaller tactics you can use to enable those strategies.

    For example, I use Dante with Honor Guard, HG has 4xFlamer/Melta+Jump. With 2 Attacks and a built in Sanguinary Priest they can handle most Assaults from general units. They don't scatter because they land with Dante, which means I get 4 Melta+ Dante's Infernus Pistol at whatever mech I want, almost guaranteeing it blown up, or 4x Flamers + Dante's Pistol at any unit I want. If its a transport I might have a Vanguard Veteran Squad standing by to Assault what comes out of the transport when Dante + HG blow it up, spare them the shooting+charge, or I might just let Dante+HG eat it and hope good saves + FNP mean I can last the round to Hit & Run out (make sure to H&R on your opponents assault turn so your ready to shoot and re-engage your following turn).

    Small Unit Tactics.

    LOL Honor Guard have done more for me then any other unit to be honest, the 4x Melta/Flamer combo really messes with peoples Target Prioritizing. Chapter Banner for more Assault Balancing.

  4. Let's explore these and work them out. If you haven't been to the Blood Angels section of the Bolter and Chainsword, you should reading there too.