Sunday, March 31, 2013

Have the Blood Angels Fallen?

Chaos Demons
Dark Angels
Chaos Space Marines
Grey Knights
Imperial Guard
Space Wolves

Our once very balanced codex has taken a real hit now with the increased release schedule. It is now probably in the bottom half in the power rankings- possibly even in the bottom third already and will be by the end of the year.

How will you adjust to keep playing Blood Angels? Perhaps you have already been running them with allies, hopefully not putting them on the shelf. If you have lost MSU efficiency, going the other way and rolling out hero-hammer lists is a fun and interesting way to give a great game to yourself and an opponent.


  1. I've been running my Fleshtearers and they do fairly well... The Storm Raven is really good, and if I can catch a few enemy fliers on the table usually can shoot down 1-2/turn... The DNs are pretty decent still, especially the Furioso and DC DN... For me the most difficult thing is the inability to keep more than 50% in Reserve... So a few squads in fast Razorbacks to set up on the table, but not quite as efficient as my Jump Troops... And for whatever reason folks are still not used to seeing Vanguard Vets assaulting out of deep strike... Not "Troops", but...

  2. Well, the Storm Raven will also be more vulnerable once other space marine armies adopt it, so it may see lose some value in the future. Really only seeing Death Company, Vanguard Vets and Corbulo (the Storm Raven somewhat) improve since the book was released compared to the hits the codex has taken is disappointing.

    1. I agree unfortunately and have reassigned my blood angles to allies for space wolves or dark angles.Its as if gw wrote 6th to nerf the blood angles.Its not an accident that you don't see them in tournament list.Not to long ago I got tabled in 3 turns by an army that I tabled in 5th .Same army same player.I also had a friend who play Tau under old codex and never lost. Now they are just op .

    2. Reserve strategy weakened... check
      Close combat weakened ... check
      Special characters weakened ... check
      BA Librarians relatively weakened ... check
      etc., etc.

  3. Hi Brent! Congrats on your blog! I tried to comment as "Annonymous" but it didn't work, so I finally made my google ID! My only experience with BA is as allies, as my main force is IG. I usually save about 600p for the sanguine sons. I can say they're my best allies so far. I usually add mephiston, corbulo, and 7-9 DC with bolt pistols, chainswords and 2 power axes in a drop pod with Brother Corbulo. Mephiston guards my parking lot if needed. I am proud of their performances so far, with Corbulo saving lots and lots of saves, and Mephiston chewing non 2+ squads. Last game vs Orks Corbulo made like 30 saves! Mephiston avoided the Meganobz and went for the Bike Nobz, insta-killing the Warboss and killing the 5 bikes in the next round. Quite a good performance! As a main force though, I can't tell.
    Nice blog btw!
    By: RoockieBoy

  4. Thanks for coming by and visiting, RoockieBoy. The publishing button is by Google, so I hope it works for others.

  5. Hi Brent I have a question about last game I played with BA as allies. A mob of 14 ork boyz and a pk nob assaulted my DC which was joined by Corbulo. The pk nob challenged Corbulo and I didn't want to lose him, but I still wanted him to soak all the wounds and Los the ones from the nob, as he was in front line. The thing is my opponent said that if a character declines a challenge, you can no longer allocate wounds on him as he is not really in the fight anymore. We looked in the rulebook but it only said you can't use his Ld, anyway another guy who was there also supported my opponent's oppinion so I finnally took the risk with Corbulo and I was lucky and I killed the Nob before striking. Do you think we did it OK? Thanx for your time!

  6. Good question, RoockieBoy. Obviously, Corbulo wouldn't be able to attack. Let's say you had one member of a squad and Corbulo. It makes no sense that the opponent would kill the one squad member and not be able to kill Corbulo. He would have to be able to suffer hits and wounds by an attacker, so you would have to allocate wounds. Otherwise, that's a huge advantage to Independent Characters if they couldn't be killed by unfavorable units attacking them. It doesn't make sense otherwise.

  7. Yeah! The point of my opponent was that Corbulo had to crawl to the back of the squad because he refuses to take the challenge, so he couldn't be assigned as first model

  8. At that point you say to him to show you a rule, dice off on it or shut up ;)