Friday, December 19, 2014

Finally, something has happened.

Hello, everyone. I hope all are well. I have been waiting for the new codex to be dropped, and it's finally out. There are already a large number of people that do the leaks and rumors and whatnot, so there is no need to cover that ad nauseam. There are still formations that are coming out, so it will take some time for the community to digest what Blood Angels actually have to work with. A few things to remember are that those sites pump out quick first impressions because that's what they do. It is always best to play the models you like; however, well-known  sources can help you fill out the rest of your army. This includes which units fill certain roles the best way or weapon load outs for units which can be quite important (Tip: It's usually most efficient to not do much, instead getting the unit that already has it built into the cost.). Finally, you may want to purchase units in a paced manner as you can never be entirely sure that a GW faq may come down and ruin your unit. Get out there and get some games in and playtest to see what is working for you and your play style.

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  1. Had a few games now. Been running DC with Dante and a Libby, the new primaris is solid. Ran a Libby Dread in a Raven, with reserve re-rolls, you can pretty much decide where you want a turn 3 charge, worked great (but didt get shot down)

    Close combat scouts are a lot of fun with str 5 init 5, nice distraction unit. SG did't perform to well, but DC did. One of the games i ran SG without Dante. I think you really need to have something that can tank ap1+2 wounds for unit. Gonna switch it up next games with some of the other units. All in all very happy with the release.