Friday, July 6, 2012

Blood Angels' Fluff

Please comment on your favorite pieces of Blood Angels' fluff that you want to share or tell new players about (and where it's from). You can also comment on what you want to know more about the Blood Angels and maybe someone can help you.

Favorite BA fluff:
It's definitely Death Company. "The warriors of the Death Company seek only one thing - death in battle - and they are sent forth to their final fight with great honour."

I find it very interesting to see how part of your marine force is just set aside in very stark color contrast to the red of your force (excepting successor chapters that may vary color schemes).

From the 5th Ed. Codex: Blood Angels

Those few members of the Death Company that survive the battle perish shortly afterwards, either of their fearsome wounds or through the mercy of the Redeemer of the Lost, whose duty it is to end their suffering. It is better this way, for those who do survive almost always fall victim to the Red Thirst, turning into creatures no better than wild beasts craving flesh and blood. Better by far to die cleanly and quickly than to suffer such ignoble fate...

BA fluff I want to know more about:

What type of symbols or iconography and styles they use on their communications or internal documents?

Image from: Dragonrealm

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