Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Stelek Drops New R-H-1-N-0 Tactica

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Stelek has imparted a few ways to run your Rhino squad. Let's examine:

He says you can use it with Tactical squads or Assault squads. These will be ten man squads that are already made into combat squads (before deployment) yet are using the same transport.

Plasma Variant - Stelek has the Sergeant utilizing the Gunslinger rule taking two plasma pistols and meltabombs leading one combat squad. The other combat squad keeps both special weapons (plasmaguns). His intention is to use these to target opposing Rhinos or Dreadnoughts.

Melta / Plasma Variant - This will replace the plasmaguns with meltaguns and the rest remains the same.

Stelek concludes that plasma pistols are to be used over infernus pistols due to the increased range. Infernus pistols are more suitable for Assault squad jumpers.

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