Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Deathwatch is DOA for Blood Angels Players

I know it has been a really rough time for BA players since the Grey Knight codex drop in 5th Edition. We really need an advocate within the studio at this point when we essentially get an assault squad lightly armed sergeant as our Deathwatch member. Have a look: how excited could you get for Delassio's rules or model? There is a new chest armour piece but completely overshadowed by the same head that is repeated in the regular kits. I am definitely holding off on a purchase of this game the same as I have not switched over to the re-sculpted devastator and assault squad kits (at least until we have access to all of the weapons in the kit). I know I have still been eyeing up those Raging Heroes Sisters of Battle sculpts and may not be able to resist to make an ally for my Blood Angel force.