Thursday, September 29, 2016

Blood Angels 7th Edition 2.0

Blood Angel players, I know things may not all be as you wish. However, our codex has not looked this good since 5th Edition April 2010. I had got my Assault on Black Reach starter box, and I was looking around for which space marine chapter to choose. I narrowed it down to either Ultras or Blood Angels. I read the Blood Angels codex, and it was an easy choice with how awesome they are in the stories and units. Then, a year-and-a-half later Grey Knights were released and screwed up 5th Edition. June 2012, 6th Edition arrived which really hurt the Blood Angels with larger overall rule changes. The worst of those changes was the ending of null deployment. May 2014 brought us to 7th Edition quickly and new hopes which were quickly quelled. We only had to wait until December 2014 to get the 7th Edition codex and lots of goodies in the Shield of Baal supplement. These were mostly cosmetic changes and showed that the design studio didn't really know what Blood Angels players really wanted. The Red Thirst codex update really feels like they started to listen to players and what they want. Obviously, no one gets every little thing they could wishlist. I really think we should have Landspeeder Storms, but at least we have been brought more in line with other marines and the design studio knowing that something needed to be done.