Friday, October 19, 2012

Strike From the Sky, Brothers?

Let's try to simplify a little the choice about making your charge or trying to get off a Hammer of Wrath attack.

Well, 3++ already worked out that your average charge range is 7".
We know that 8" out is a guarantee.
We know that a 14" is a guarantee using a jump pack movement.

After that, you will have to balance your chances of being damaged on Overwatch and left in the open for the opponent's round of shooting. However, if the enemy will have a hard time reaching you with firepower, it could be well worth the risk to try to land that assault. The re-roll on an assault  charge is only worth 1-2" on average compared to no re-roll.
Well, Plague Marine worked out the jump pack assault percentages. I re-made the table to help be able to in making decisions before moving after measuring how far your xenos filth of a target is away. The Emperor protects!

Total            6"%               12"%

9"              >99%              100%
10"              99%              100%
11"              97%              100%
12"              92%              100%
13"              83%              100%
14"              66%              100%
15"              48%                97%
16"              31%                92%
17"              16%                83%
18"                5%                72%
19"                                     58%
20"                                     42%
21"                                     28%
22"                                     17%
23"                                       8%
24"                                       3%              

If you move 6" your average re-roll charge range will be 8"-9" "(Total 14"-15") . You should feel (66%) confident if you start 14" away to get off Hammer of Wrath. If you really wanted to gamble on the furthest target away to make an assault, move your full jump pack move and hope you roll big up to a maximum 24" move and charge. You have about a 28% chance of grabbing 21" to deliver a punishing assault on the enemies of the Imperium. The heretic playing across the board from you might feel too comfortable leaving a delicate unit 19 or 20 inches away. This might be a nice opportunity to turn a difficult battle around for the Emperor's finest.


  1. Most of the people I play against are surprised at just how far away I am able to start my assault moves from... Playing Fleashtearers I run DC and Assault troops, all w/ Jump Packs... usually running a flank, so picking off smaller units and tearing through their lines. Note, while not a jumper, the DC DN is fleet and keeps up nicely with the jumpers...

  2. Well, the Death Company Dreadnought should do well. If it has no assault target, it can run and re-roll one or two dice while it can do the same for its assault roll which gains two inches on average.

  3. After playing a few 6th ed games and going through the Necron, Grey Knights and Chaos Marine Codex's it really feels like Blood Angels do better as an Allied detachment. Assault just isn't a reliable tactic, armchair Sun Tzu's don't like that much randomness to their tactics. Random outcomes is one thing, random actions are another.

    I don't mean that to say the Blood Angels are side lined, I'm thinking to split my 2500 pt list into 2 forces, 1250 Blood Angels, 1250 Other, 1 HQ only from each Codex. Really focus's the force, lets you get the best out of both armies. Right now my thought is to mix Necrons and Blood Angels. I like the narrative, Necrons can bring mass shooting to the table and let the BA contingent focus on what its good at. Just gotta keep em away from each other!

  4. theirontower, Stelek has basically laid out that you need to use Allies to fill in your weaknesses as a codex to remain competitive. I'm probably not going to delving into other codices to try to find combos for efficient allying, though.

  5. Eh, right or wrong the dude is so abrasive his ability to communicate a thought clearly and effectively becomes compromised. I stopped reading his blog months ago. The thought of splitting 2500 points into 2 1250(ish) lists has been a refreshing way to look at list building, and by extension table play.