Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Thanks, but no thanks, GW.

I grabbed a screen shot from GW's homepage.

Start a new army this year? Thanks, but no thanks. It was thoughtful for you to ask, but players should generally become "invested" in their own army and perhaps a side army (hopefully where they can also become allies- sorry, Nids.). Players are already quite conscious of costs. Play only one army then to control your spending and at most have a small side army. Of course, the company needs sales, but it should not be trying to bleed its player base dry. GW needs to grow the game and do some real marketing. The Internet is angry again at GW just dropping a boring and cryptic "video" to launch another codex. Plain and simple, that is not good enough and everyone knows we expect more than that.

Additional Armies
GW does not do the player base many favors when it introduces codex creep making older codices' players abandon or even forsake their army for the temptations of power (gaming). The Imperial Guard codex is pretty much the standard for this. It made it through an edition and transitioned better than any others into 6th Edition. Hopefully, the game designers will follow the Blood Angels, Dark Eldar, and Chaos style where there are lots of interesting choices and it is well-balanced internally and against the rest of the other codices. It is annoying to see tournament results from around the world where the players have obviously picked out the most powerful codex to give them the best chance to win (Starting from in 5th: Imperial Guard-Space Wolves-Grey Knights). People from Adepticon felt ashamed if they had brought Grey Knights because of the sheer amount of them at the tournament. It is extremely sad to see so many nicely painted armies on Ebay because you can see that the list build they were made for is now ineffective for competitive gamine. There was great sorrow among us Blood Angel players when our DoA lists were nullified by 6th Edition. I suggest writing letters to Games Workshop to let them know how you feel about your Blood Angels and what you would like to see from the next codex- they might just listen if we are loud enough.


  1. Now that you mention it I have a blood angle army that I put a lot of time and money into and now seams to relegated to allies.

  2. Thanks for sharing, Sandy. 40K players shouldn't be victimized by their purchases with the amount of work that goes into making those models even decently painted.