Wednesday, May 15, 2013

The Next Special Character

If GW is able to keep up their torrent pace of releases, it may not be that long before another Blood Angels codex could be produced. It is now known that the physical model is created and corresponding rules and background are developed from it.

The question is where should the next special character come from in the force organization chart?
The HQ section is already loaded with six of them. Only one of them (Commander Dante) actually opens up a non-troops selection. The Elites section only has one (Brother Corbulo). The Troops section has one (Lemartes, Guardian of the Lost).

The easy choice would be either Fast Attack or Heavy Support as they do not have a choice yet.

Where would you like to see the next special character?


  1. Maybe a famous scout like Telion or Namaan? I don't know, I'd rather have an AP2 weapon for mephi and some Eternal Warrior for Dante hehe

  2. Rookieboy, I agree that there are significant problems needed to be fixed but the FOC slot influences the nature of the special character significantly.

  3. There should be something that makes Vanguard Vets troop choices. Space marines get to make sternguard vets troops, so why not some cc off of deepstrike for Blood Angels. Might just make the Assault phase worth it again.

  4. Bruce, that's where you could drop a special character in the Fast Attack slot or in the HQ section to do this. However, you already have Assault Squads as excellent troop choices or even Sanguinary Guard. It just feels like more competition for the same role somewhat.