Sunday, January 18, 2015

Best Run Downs of the 7th Edition Blood Angels Codex

After keeping a lookout for summaries, here are the best Blood Angels 7th ed. codex reviews. I noticed for this release, a lot of reviewers just did a quick article just scratching the surface with changes to Dante, drop pod assault marines and heavy flamer toting tactical squads.

Reece Robbins at Frontline Gaming brought the most solid analysis about the codex. You can read his three part series here one, two and three.

Matt at From the Fang wrote exhaustively about the codex with a whopping nine parts. Links are here starting with the overview, Lords of War, HQ1, HQ2, Elites 1, Elites 2, Troops, Fast Attack, Heavy Support.


I will update the post when I have finished all of the Blood Angels reviews. However, initially I have been quite disappointed with the content so far. This is especially true for the Forge the Narrative crew who are all Blood Angel players. Jaded Gamercast provided an entertaining scathing review of the codex here.


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