Thursday, April 7, 2016

Hot or Not Elites Part 2

Rawdogger, from Frontline Gaming and Blood Angels player has been running a Hot or Not set of articles for the blood angels. Give them a click through.
Elites 2

Death Company Dreadnought (hot): Some good points here about the None Can Stay my Wrath rule and immobilization. I don't know how much sense it makes to take three of these dreadnoughts and no Death Company. I can see one drop podded in because they don't want it too close to the rest of the BA army. Otherwise, you should have some DC on the table if you are running them.

Furioso Dreadnought (hot): "Optimum" usage suggested is as a template laying down anti-infantry weapon is really running counter to the image of it as having double dreadnought close combat weapons. Again, this is poor rules design by the studio as a player could trade just one close combat attack and a built in weapon for the frag cannon. Regardless, feel no need to run the BA specific dreadnoughts merely because they are for us. Use what feels right for your forces and adds to the story.

[Tactical] Terminator Squad (not) and Terminator Assault Squad (hot): Unless you are doing boarding actions or running 1st Company, you should not have that many terminators on the field. You may want to throw your captain with either version (especially if your captain has upgraded his armour) in a Land Raider or Storm Raven. Don't lose perspective that the heart of your army is your tactical squads doing work (unless you are running 10th Company).

Vanguard Veterans (not) and Sternguard Veterans (not): If you are running veterans, just run the formation Sanguine Wing and get all the upgrades because that is what they lovingly deserve. If you are looking to run an infantry heavy force, this is a nice starting point for an army that will push your tactical genius on the board.

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