Thursday, March 17, 2016

Blood Angels' Codex Timelines Revisited

Here is the original post.

The 2nd Edition codex came out in 1996.

The 3rd Edition codex came out in 1998.

The 4th Edition codex came out in 2007.

The 5th Edition codex came out in 2010.

The 7th Edition codex came out in 2014.

We are now over two years into this book, and it has proven to be a fairly large disappointment. I am left wondering how long until we will be looking at a new book.

I was correct in wondering whether there wasn't going to be a 6th edition codex. I feel firm in my conclusion that there needs to be an advocate for Blood Angels in the design studio.


  1. Yeah just look how it turend out)
    But with present release-pace, i think we will get an update somewhere in december (or even sooner)

    1. Thanks, Lazy Pictures. I certainly hope it gets fixed whether by errata or a new codex.