Monday, March 21, 2016

Hot or Not Troops

Rawdogger, from Frontline Gaming and Blood Angels player has been running a Hot or Not set of articles for the blood angels. Give them a click through.


Tactical Marines (hot), Scouts (not), RH1N0 (hot): Tacticals seem superior to scouts. The scouts in the Marine codex almost seem too good compared to Tacticals. The heavy flamer synergizes with putting them in a Rhino, but it seems odd for Blood Angels to being doing drive-bys. Your army should be formed by a core of Tactical marines, so you better get good at using them to their full potential while your enemy is focusing in on your killy units. Don't just min/max these guys. Name them and put them in dedicated squads and get used to their epic battles against most forces that will cause epic casualties.

It's probably not a bad idea to always throw a unit of scouts in with your army to harass the enemy and keep them off-balance as needed. Despite being BS and WS 3, they will usually get the job done.

Last, being a Blood Angel isn't all bad in that you get vehicles that don't sloth along. The Rhino can really draw some attention when you drive it straight at your opponent (thus becoming a feeder unit drawing fire from more important things). If an opponent ignores it, drive it to an objective until needed.

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