Monday, August 12, 2013

Sandbag Gun Emplacement

A few months ago I had used some paper clay to make the base of these emplacements and then put on a base coat. I finally got around to touch ups and dry brushing. I primed and gave two base coats separately to the sandbags. I bought a non GW product where there were two sculpts that were quite similar. Next, I super glued the sandbags individually onto the base and then dry brushed them. The super glue hasn't been as good as I had hoped and will try something else if the bags break off. I don't have access to Gorrilla Glue so I will have to experiment a little. 
I know my terrain is not amazing but I feel that its quality is improving, so do not be discouraged from building your own. Your imagination and creativity can do a lot better than looking at the same flimsy terrain put out by GW. 

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